Donie Bank robbery

Freestone County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday, 11/05/2018, at approximately 10:04 AM, an armed robbery occurred at the Donie Bank located at 235 Main St. in Donie, Texas. The suspect was described as a white male of unknown age, wearing a fake beard and wig (black in color) dark sunglasses, and a baseballcap. The suspect was wearing a gray sweatshirt/Hoodie that bore the lettering “Maine East Athletic Dept” that was displayed in blue or purple lettering. The suspect brandished a long barreled blued steel revolver. The suspect fled the scene in a gray or silver 4 door passenger car that appeared to possibly be a Ford Focus. The suspect left traveling eastbound on Hwy 164 toward Buffalo.

We ask that the public please share this information and contact the FCSO immediately if you have any information that could lead to the apprehension of this person.

* More information will be provided as the investigation continues at a later time.

Sheriff J. Shipley

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  1. Arthur on November 8, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Hoodie is a pull-over rather than a zip-up. Lettering obviously misleading. Handgun appears to be a Judge Taurus revolver. Unusual to use in this sort of crime. Appears to be male. Note the nose. Tip of nose is slightly up-turned exhibiting nostrils rather than turned down, hiding them. This may be best clue unless other photos can reveal more. The exit in direction of Buffalo may be true but could be deceptive and suspect left 164 somewhere in between, to throw off pursuers. Check any turn off points between Donie and Buffalo and look for maybe plastic bag with clothing, etc., discarded.

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