Zumba with Tammy named Business of the Month

Pictured are from left Jewett Area Chamber of Commerce Representatives Travis Warren, Natalie Ogden, Cari Box, Jackie Harrison, Zumba Instructor Tammy Smith, Linda Walker, Rev. Carol Khoury, Cathy Wilkinson, and Felecia Powell.

The Jewett Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce Zumba with Tammy as the Business of the Month. Owner Tammy Smith has been a Zumba instructor for four years. Currently she holds Zumba classes in two locations, the Jewett Civic Center and a location in Centerville. Tammy is hoping to add Zumba in Madisonville soon. The cost for Zumba is $5 per class in Centerville and $7 per class in Jewett, with the first class being free.
Tammy believes that because today’s society is so busy with both parents working, meals are often on the go or quick fix meals that are filled with preservatives and other chemicals. These types of foods are hard on the body and with additional physical activity and cutting down on foods that are not healthy, folks can improve their body condition.
Before Zumba she had resigned herself to sitting on the couch with her food propped on her belling and the TV remote in her hand. Her joints ached, it was hard to walk up a set of stairs, and she had difficulty walking around the block. After hitting rock bottom, Tammy decided to try out a local Zumba class, which was very hard in the beginning. After sticking with it for a while Tammy began seeing the rewards.
Tammy knows and understands the struggles with health issues. She understands how hard it is to make the mental decision to change, make healthier food choice, and stick with exercise plans. Her motto is just get out the door, try to stick with it day by day, don’t think long term, think daily and stick with those daily decisions. If you do you will be amazed at how fast time flies by and how eventually if you give your body a chance to get used to the changes you will see the rewards.
Give Zumba a try at the Jewett Civic Center on Monday and Friday evenings. Check out Zumba with Tammy on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ZumbaFitTammy for more information.

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