Franklin Safari welcomes Christmas Baby Giraffe

Bertha and Christmas baby, Natalii. David Clute photo

The Franklin Drive Through Safari park celebrated a special birth on Christmas Day. A healthy female baby giraffe was born to Bertha, one of the two adult females at the park in the early morning hours of December 25.  The new born was given the name ‘Natalii,’ a French name that means born on Christmas. Jason Clay, owner of Franklin Safari, said “she was born on Christmas Day so we gave her a Christmas name.”
At birth, Natalii was estimated to weigh a little over 100 pounds and she measured about 5 1/2 feet tall. She began nursing right away and, according to Jason, she appears to be very healthy. Natalii is the first giraffe to be born at the park and will now join the three adult giraffes to greet visitors to the large drive through animal sanctuary located just south of Franklin. Clay says the park now has about 1,000 animals. Visitors will be allowed to see Natalii in her pen, but will have to wait until the weather warms up before she will be turned outdoors.
For folks who have never been to Franklin Safari, the park is located a few miles south of Franklin on Hwy. 79. The phone number is 979-828-5256. The park is open seven days a week, 9 am to 5.

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